27 March 2012

{Bill Nye and Ms. Frizzle}

Oops. I know lately I've been talking about jobs a lot and I promise tomorrow will not be about applications or grad school. In fact... it will be about a Super Date. 

Today though, I'm anxious and excited. If you follow me on Twitter you may already know that a school system tried to contact me but that my voicemail inbox was full. Let me say, I had no idea that it was full. I had no warning and there were messages that were over a year old in there that I had no reason to save.... It was strange! Lesson: Check your voicemail and delete messages just. in. case. 

On the flip side, they contacted me and that bodes well right? 

I feel really excited and I'm actually this close to deleting high school earth science teacher off of my resume objectives. I feel such a passion for middle school that I may just choose to pursue middle school jobs. Although, with the job market, I think I might accept a high school position too. It all comes down to what jobs are open and where I can work. 

How did you decide what job offers to take? If you're a teacher, how did you decide what grade levels to pursue (keep in mind I'm certified 6-12, no babies!)?


Morgan said...

YAY congratulations!
how cool!!

Sarah Nicole said...

That is so exciting! I decided on which grades to pursue (certified K-6) based on which age I knew I worked well with. I do much better with younger kids (1st, 2nd) than I do with older ones. Of course jobs offers were very rare, I probably would have taken anything. Best of luck to you! So excited for you. Sending happy thoughts your way. :)

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