Delish Dishes & Challenges with Cooking

08 March 2012

Lately (as in for two months) I have been on the unhealthy end of things. Since student teaching began in January it has become harder and harder to prepare foods in advance. I know I've mentioned this before, but it's a big struggle for me right now and I notice that I haven't done anything to improve. I'll even go to the grocery store and get healthy foods then not prepare them because "I don't want to cook" when I get home or "I don't feel like healthy food right now, I just want to binge on junk food". It's crazy!

My recent goal has been to start cooking again, whatever the food is, just so I can get back on track with devoting some time to making food when I get home. Some nights I only have three hours between school and sleep and I'm reluctant to spend any of it on cooking.

So, recently I've started up again. Noah and I made bruschetta, salsa, veggie pot pie, oatmeal bake, and doughnuts. Beyond dinner, we're challenged by having to pack a lunch each day and with trying to get breakfast in before school (when neither of us has ever enjoyed eating early in the morning).

Welp, the food has been delicious! I think my new method may be to cook on weekends and have leftovers during the week that we can eat for lunch and dinner periodically.

Check out these great instructions for each dish (from all different blogs/websites):

Veggie Pot Pie
Bruschetta (just grab french bread, 3 or so little tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, and mix with a little vinagery dressing)
Oatmeal Bake (great to save and eat later - seriously love this for breakfast)
Homemade Doughnuts

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