Focusing Myself

09 March 2012

{This is not my desk... but I wish it was.}

You may know that I'm big on goal setting and I like to keep coming back to my lists over time. It helps me stay on top of things. Lists are helpful to me because I like to have a visual as a reminder. Torie helped remind me of this yesterday morning and I knew it was time I started focusing myself each morning again to be the most productive self I can be. For this weekend I'll write my goals out here:

1. Get organized. Make priorities and be sure to complete these tasks first every day.

2. Cook food. Make a meal plan with Noah for the next week and stick to it.

3. Finish that section of my TWS that I've been putting off for the past three weeks.

Ok, they're out there in the open for all the internetz to see. I will stick to these over the weekend and I'll be all the better for it come Monday morning. Hopefully these can be a way to make myself smile in the future with gratitude! (Oh, and don't you love that office photo above? I'm definitely ready to move and start my new life this summer!)
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