14 March 2012

Yesterday it was in the 80s here. It was truly glorious! It was a the toss of inspiration I needed. I'm feeling refreshed and ready to make new adventures.

Looking at pictures of rivers, summer sunshine, polka dot dresses, and a single glass of wine during sunset in the outer banks just makes me sigh with relief.

Lately things have been really stressful, but I can suddenly see the end of the tunnel. I feel free and empowered to start making true efforts at my job search so that during summer I can relax and soak up those sunny rays.


Morgan said...

it's going to be close to 80 here in Atlanta today
i'm bursting with excitement!

Amanda said...

I think stress and school go hand in hand. Luckily, we've been having glorious weather here too and I had spring break this past week which pumped life back into my soul. :) Hope you have a great weekend outdoors!

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