Make Someone Else Smile: Grab a Bagel

10 March 2012

This past week I met my host teacher for my student placement in sixth grade. I'll call him Mr. Nye on the blog in honor of Bill Nye, one of my favorite scientists. 

On Tuesday we had a conference with parents and low and behold he had bought me all new office supplies including a fancy dry erase marker, a box of pencils, and a bright, colorful pen set. I was touched that he would think of me the night before enough to give me supplies. 

Wouldn't you know it that I had gotten him something too? It was our second day together but I decided to pick up a bagel for him from our local bakery with special cream cheeses so that he could have breakfast before the parent teacher conferences. 

This week, take time to give a gift to someone who is making a difference in your life. Grab a bagel, buy a coffee, or bring someone their favorite candy. Spend less than $3 - the idea is to let someone know you thought of them not to break your bank account. A little action says a lot!

1 comment:

Morgan said...

looks like you got lucky!!
yay for you!

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