Super Date

28 March 2012

If you've ever seen How I Met Your Mother then you can recall the scene where Ted tells Barney to take his new girl on a super date.

The day began with chocolate and brown sugar waffles (with whipped cream and strawberries of course!). Then Noah took me to Target to let me buy some clothes, which is something we never spend money on. In fact, even on the Super Date I couldn't get myself to buy any when we could use it for an activity that day instead. We still had a great time walking around.

Next we hopped in the car and he drove without telling me where we were headed. We ended up at the bowling alley and played for an hour. We forgot how terrible brilliant we were at bowling.

The next big part of the day was meeting some friends at the movies to watch The Hunger Games movies. Both one of my girlfriends and I had read the series and were excited to see the film.

We finished off the day by eating dinner out at a local Indian restaurant.

I am amazed at the effort Noah puts into our relationship and I am blessed to have a guy who puts in that much time for me.

Thanks Noah! I hope to return the favor one day soon. Thank you for always making my life easier.

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