What I'm Loving

02 March 2012


The weather around here has been astounding lately! I can hardly believe how warm it's been, how sunny, or how many birds I can hear outside my window at seven this morning. 

Today I'm going to a professional development conference for education before heading to Williamsburg, but I wanted to leave you with a few things that I'm loving lately.

First and foremost, this salsa is amazing

I love this new tangerine and mint combination. The way the pink pops out is fantastic. 

This week I explained to my students who Ms. Frizzle is. I was devastated when I told them I want to be just like her and they gave me confused stares! 

This DIY Bridal Blog is super cute. I'm having a hard time selling Noah on DIY though. Any suggestions for swinging a groom towards a handmade wedding?

Have a wonderful weekend! What are your plans? 


Morgan said...

i'm appalled they didn't know about the magic school bus!

Erin {pughs' news} said...

You will make a most excellent Ms Frizzle, Alli.

I went to a pro-d workshop today too. It was great!

Happy Weekend...

bethany said...

Whaaaat. What do kids even learn these days if they don't know who Ms. Frizzle is? Lordy, lordy!

Okay, I hear you on the DIY wedding. With Gabe, I learned that more specifics were better than less. Because to him "DIY" meant some insane wedding he'd seen on Style Me Pretty, when I really meant "Let's make our own invitations, menus, programs and a few other special crafty touches."

I think it's all in moderation, too...which is hard when you're constantly seeing new things on blogs + Pinterest. Choose 4-6 handmade touches with his input, then be at peace with it. Don't plan on doing ANYTHING on the day of your wedding except getting pretty and married. Your wedding day is so short (cliche), don't whittle it away painting "one more thing" or setting up chairs! If it isn't finished by the night before...let it be. :)

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