Geckos Gone Wild

19 April 2012


My name is Sci and I'm the gecko mascot for a sixth grade classroom. Yesterday a student fed me my meal worms just like every day. But, then, I noticed my door was left slightly ajar. I was curious. I walked over to the door and poked my head out, but no one was paying me any mind. The teacher was near the front of the classroom and the students were all looking at her. So, I journeyed out of my comfort zone to the nearby wall. Surely there must be wonderful adventures out here! However, to my dismay, there was suddenly a lot of racket and someone tried to grab me! I scurried away and up the wall to the top of a disco ball. Then that person got a little taller and tried to snatch me up again so I jumped about a foot and a half towards a nearby wall. Luckily they gave up when I was up in the corner of the room and behind a few tables. I ended up staying there the rest of the day I was so terrified!

I did notice a lot of people came in through out the day and pointed at me. I wished they would just go away! .... At least it's nice to be in the limelight for a little bit.

Your Class Gecko


Morgan said...

i LOVE geckos!
i had anoles for a while and i totally fell in love.
they are so sweet and curios

Morgan said...

and by that i mean curious :)

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