A Little Jaunt & Crossed Fingers

02 April 2012

This weekend seemed to fly by. It was the beginning of my spring break and I sit here, on Monday morning, with no work done from the past two days. I can no longer afford to put off my thesis, grading, or job applications. I have a mug of coffee beside me and, I'll confess, some Nilla wafers and Nutella. 

We took an hour car ride to shop for suits yesterday. Noah, his best man, and I all traveled a little north while I sang to Glee songs the entire drive. Spring is in full swing here in the Valley and the bright greens and pinks (hello redbuds!) are gorgeous! We've been having nearly perfect weather here for about a week and it's looking to continue on. 

There are only four weeks until graduation and summer and our 'real lives' begin. I'm so excited I can hardly stand it! 

Oh, and keep your fingers crossed for me, I have two job interviews coming up!


Morgan said...

that coffee looks divine!!! sending good juju your way!
i doubt you need it though

Erin {pughs' news} said...

Fingers crossed for you, Alli!

Enjoy your spring break, and the knowledge that 4 weeks from now, so many exciting things will start to happen :)

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