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13 May 2012

Wow has it been a bit since I kept up with my goals for 101 in 1001. I'm going through my list. I feel slightly embarrassed elated to tell you that this is the first summer since K12 education that I haven't been working or taking classes. It opens up a world of possibilities alongside a world of being incredibly poor. I justify it by saying I will start my career in August and that this is the last chance I get to accomplish my goals (in lieu of backpacking Europe the way some people are so fortunate to do!).

{#59 - Get a Masters Degree}

Well, time to catch up!

16. Eat at least one new food (or at one new place) each week. This past week Noah and I visited Fredericksburg and ate at Sammy T's. That was a new place for us and we had delicious food.

36. Ask 10 friends what their favorite books are and read them. Well, I am still waiting for a few responses but I have ALL summer and my Kindle. Time to catch up with this goal and mark it off my list!

59. Get a Masters Degree. COMPLETE.

85. See my sister at least once a month. So far we're hitting about every other month because student teaching and graduate classes respectively have kept us more than busy. This summer I'm sure I'll hit Williamsburg up again and she'll be up for our wedding in July certainly.

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Anna said...

I'm so way behind on my 101 list, that I'm about to give it up. Or at least delay the deadline :) Glad to see someone who keep it up! (Especially about seeing family more often, that's after all very important)

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