The Grand Finale

08 May 2012

This weekend we had a graduation ceremony at James Madison University. My family came into town on Friday night as well as my roommates' families on Saturday morning. 

On Friday night I graduated with my Masters degree in the arts of teaching with my peers. It was a long ceremony but the most 'real' graduation I've ever had. For the first time, in three graduations, I feel as if it truly marks a point in time. When I finished high school and college I knew I had more schooling ahead of me, but this is the real deal

My dad is very proud of me and I made sure to wear a pair of earrings that were my mom's when I walked across the stage too. 

This is our convocation center where the doctoral students and masters walk on Friday evening. 

On Saturday morning Noah graduated with the class of 2012 with a Bachelors in Music. It ended up raining during his ceremony so there were umbrellas scattered all over the audience while the graduates got soaked up front. 

We're all very proud of the accomplishments that we have been made at JMU. 

We finished off the morning with a little party back at our apartment with family of ours bringing lots of delicious food. Later in the evening Noah performed in a musical for his student teaching placement (yes he's still going even though he is graduated) and Nic, Jeff, and I drove 40 minutes to support him there. We had a great day all in all and I'm having a hard time to believe that it's all over and done. It flew by so quickly that it's a little difficult to believe it happened! 

Here's to graduation and the next chapter in life!

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Morgan said...

love the umbrella! congrats to you both

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