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21 May 2012

As a soon-to-be first year teacher I have a lot of thoughts, questions, and ideas going into this field about my philosophy of education, my goals as a teacher, and what inspires me. When I think about relationships with my students I think about a teacher who has had a tremendous impact on my own life...

Her name is Mrs. Barker. To be fair, I never did have her as a teacher in K12... but Noah did. You may know that Noah is actually a year behind me in school. When I went off to college he was a senior in high school and took a class called AP Chemistry. This was my first connection with Mrs. Barker.

Noah became an officer in the science club that year, which Mrs. Barker sponsored for the school. At the end of the year they took a trip to the National Zoo and Mrs. Barker let me come along with them even though I wasn't a student of the school. She had found out that my mom had passed away in the past month and I think she knew I wanted time to be out and be around friends.

Then during my sophomore year of college I took chemistry. It was kicking my butt. I love science and now I'm pretty good at it but it's because she let me facebook her with problems and would help me through them step-by-step until I understood the patterns and could do the problems on my own. Again, I never even had her in high school, but she took time out to help me.

The next year I had assignments in my education classes that involved interviewing teachers. I chose her and we talked about behavior management and classroom set ups/systems.

Now, after four years of college and one of graduate school I'm running to her with problems and am again seeking advice. This young woman, who she never had as a student, is asking for advice and what does she do? Gives the advice, talks to the science coordinator, and looks up ways to add on endorsements.

I can hardly believe the drive she has to work with students and people in her community and her need to help others.

She is my inspiration. That's the teacher I will be.


Andi of My Beautiful Adventures said...

How wonderful to have her in your life!

Leigh said...

That IS the teacher you will be! :) :)

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