Reasons to Smile: Sun Bathing and Reading

22 May 2012

Hello Instagram photos! After graduation we had two weeks of cloudy and rainy weather. It was such a downer for the first few weeks of summer! Then, suddenly, glorious sunbeams came out past the clouds about five days ago. My roommates and I have gone on runs, eaten outside, laid out by a friend's pool, and Noah and I have laid out reading on his Ninja Turtle Blanket from when he was a little kid. 

Of course, these things never last and today is overcast again (on a different note, sixth graders do not know the term "overcast"... I had to teach that vocabulary word...anyways....). It was wonderful outdoors with the warm sunlight. 

I'm plowing through books and am currently reading The Paris Wife. I'll be sure to do a review when I finish for you. Right now it's exactly what I need to be reading: a little romance, travel, and light-heartedness packed into a novel. Laying outside, reading, in a state of just-under-the-surface sleepiness has been perfection for me. Just the right amount of relaxation with inspiration. 

If you have some sun take a little time to get outside and relax. Make a reason to smile. If you have your own yard why not take out a glass of wine or lemonade, you know, your preference? 


Morgan said...

i've heard good things about The Paris Wife
can't wait to get my hands on it!

Geezees Custom Canvas Art said...

those are good reasons to smile :)

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