To Win a Game

05 May 2012

{the fuzziest photo ever}

On our weekends we end up playing a lot of board games with friends or our roommates. This past weekend while playing I realized that I was playing to help Noah win. It wasn't as if I was absolutely sacrificing my game for this feat, I played to win too but it felt as though if either of us won I was winning. 

I'm not sure exactly when this happened.  I mean, it's just a board game.

First off, I've never been a very competitive person so I'm not a poor loser. I enjoy playing the game. However, somewhere in the timeline of our relationship it became more natural to be happy through finding happiness for my partner. It's as if I have the ability to find happiness through two avenues: my life and Noah's. If good things happen for him, I'm happy. If good things happen to me, I'm happy. It's like I have twice the chance of being happy. 

Sometimes life just seems easy.  While that feeling never lasts forever, I'm truly grateful for the days that it comes into my life.

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