Wedding Wednesday

30 May 2012

Noah and I have nearly checked off our wedding "To Do" list. Let me tell you, it took us longer than I would have liked.

What I love though?

We have the best minister I could have asked for.
Our cake will have traditional chocolate, vanilla, and banana cream pie... oh wait.
My bridesmaids are the perfect gals.
We have picked out our wedding rings and I'm smitten.
The invites are out and in the mail and we're getting RSVPs every day.
I'm going to marry my best friend.


Morgan said...


Lauryn said...

How exciting! We're getting ready to send our invitations out in the next few weeks. It must be fun to see the RSVPs come back :)

Happy planning!

Erin {pughs' news} said...

Hurrah to that entire list!!!

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