The Wife of a Star

16 May 2012


Last night Noah conducted for the first time in front of an audience. I imagine this is the life of a woman married to someone famous. Your beau goes up on stage and people cheer or, you know, politely applaud. Then he rocks out... or waves a baton around in front of a group of kids. Same thing right? It felt like the same thing. I am so proud of Noah for following his passions and staying in music when people told him that wouldn't be an easy path. He is great at what he does and the way his kids talk and interact with him is magical. Even being a teacher-in-training myself, I love seeing the way kids connect with him.

I'm pretty lucky. I may not be the wife of a star, but one day I'll sure as heck be the wife of a conductor!

** hehe, is that the first time I've typed out the word "wife"? Just two months to go!

1 comment:

Morgan said...

congrats to Noah! how cool!

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