29 June 2012

In our hour outdoors each day I find my happiness. Noah will carry the blanket out while I grab his book and my Kindle. Our spot in the grass is noticeable, where we choose to lie each afternoon. Once we settle in on this blanket for two we find our own little worlds.

As I read I soak up the warmth from the sun, basking in the full feeling. Do you get that feeling? It's as if suddenly life is okay and I'm very content with myself. Occasionally a breeze will blow past and I smile softly. The air moving around while me while I am utterly still just reiterates the calm feeling that has settled over me.

Every so often a little ant will find his way to my leg. After a little itch I'll just stare at him before brushing him away.

Out of all of it, I enjoy the breezes the most. Something about them reminds me of good times. I suppose it's similar to my love of the water and my favorite place (the beach).

Reason to Smile: Nothing beats relaxing in the sun and having a gentle breeze roll over you!

PS - Tomorrow is my bachelorette party! I'm stoked! Can't wait to see some of the lovely ladies in my life!

1 comment:

Kim said...

I hope your bachlorette party is fantastic!

It's nice to see some green grass. Everything is browned out here. We haven't had a good rain in months!

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