25 June 2012

I've talked about geocaching a few times before on here. If you're interested in a quick description of geocaching check back on this post. Thanks!

Noah and I took another geocaching trip in Harrisonburg, Virginia on Saturday. The best part for me was finally finding an elusive cache! I've looked for this cache about five times in the past four or five years and never found it. Now I know why! The coordinates take you to a memorial then you have to take 160 steps due East to find the cache. It's kind of imperative to have those extra directions!

Despite the heat it was wonderful to get outside and explore again. We went further into the arboretum than ever before and I'm glad we are taking our last days here to appreciate our region again.

Reason to Smile: Getting outdoors, finding mysterious geocaches, and really taking advantage of summer days!

*PS - I have changed the url on my blog to because my name won't be Allison Seward much longer. Plus, by not including my full name I am assuming less students will find it. I'm actually pretty proud of my blog but it's always safter to be a little more anonymous as a teacher. 

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