28 June 2012

Closets are emptying around me and I'm taking a towel to the counter tops and the grey dust outline on them from where a jewelry box has sat for three years. It's saddening to be in a place this feels like home but is empty.

We are taking time for our fancies right now, while we can without guilt... before the pressures of the coming school year start in on us. Each day Noah and I are getting outside to read for an hour while enjoying the glorious sunshine. We have been cooking healthy, delicious meals this week as well. A glass of wine often goes in hand with dinner. We're getting outdoors a little bit more and are planning trips to lakes and kayaking adventures on a river. I hope we accomplish our little list of summer goals.

I can feel myself growing, trying to organize the grown up life that I have stumbled into. I feel fortunate to have a transition in the form of summer as a teacher. I can't imagine finding out you have a job, starting in a week, and moving all your worldly possessions in such a quick amount of time. I feel positive and excited about my future. I feel like good things are coming our way.

Reason to smile: Growing up is a fun adventure.

*photo is from a family vacation out west in 2006


Sarah Nicole said...

I love this post. I remember when I really started to feel like a grown up. It was a little scary but exciting at the same time. Wish you both happiness and the best of luck on your grown up adventure. :)

Morgan said...

yay! i'm glad you guys are getting a chance to relax and move slowly

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