06 June 2012

This past weekend Noah and I went kayaking on Lake Frederick and you know what? It was my first time! Naturally I was a pro at it. Truly, it really was easy because I knew how to canoe already. As much as I love canoeing I like kayaking even better because you can move faster, it takes less work, and you get wet the entire time. As a gal who loves to be near water, being in a boat and soaring over the ripples while still getting cooled off is about as perfect as it gets for me. I'm trying to figure out a way to go kayaking down the Shenandoah this summer and drag some friends with me.

*You can see that driving a van has it's uses. How many people can transport kayaks in their vehicles without straps? Well, we were only going about a mile down a slow road and maybe Noah and I each held a canoe the entire time, but hey a van definitely has it's high points.

Reason to Smile: Went kayaking for the first time!

1 comment:

Morgan said...

i love your bathing suit!
that looks so fun :)

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