15 June 2012

I've been testing my 50mm lens out a lot recently. I took portraits for a family a couple weeks ago and was in love with the focus. I always love close ups of the world around me. Something about the different views and details always helps me notice the beauty in the world around me.

And summer has been beautiful. While there have been a few more overcast days here than I would really like, the sunny days we have are utilized. I've been taking Noah's childhood Ninja Turtle Blanket out and laying in the sun while reading. We have a glass of wine with dinner occasionally while making light summery foods. This week we've been to Purcell Park to take a few walks, enjoy the sun, play on the playground, and take a few pictures. I've been taking a lot of pictures around here recently trying to capture everything on film that I may want to see again in a few months and years. Only three and a half weeks until we're fully moved out of our apartment and moving on to new things. We're just trying to soak it all in.

Reason to Smile: There is a bit of beauty in every aspect of our world. We just need to go out and look for it. I've been fortunate to be able to focus on these little details recently.

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Morgan said...

i love the chain link picture!

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