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05 July 2012

{by lake house, the morning after the bachelorette}

It's about 10am, I'm behind in scheduling blog posts... and it's time to catch up. But I'm sitting, drinking coffee, and thinking about those milk dates I mentioned before. The milk currently in my fridge will expire on August 11 and I'm moving out (for the most part) on Sunday. THIS SUNDAY. After three years living in this apartment it still hasn't hit me that I won't be here in a matter of days. Maybe I can convince Noah to stay in the lake house for the next week? I could wake up to that view every day before I get married!

{July 4th, in DC}

Well, time is marching forward. Beyond moving out, we're getting married in nine days. We met with our minister yesterday and I ended up driving in DC for the first time! We've been in DC multiple times before (1, 2, 3) but luckily my man always drives. I don't do stress well in driving situations. I become a kind of yeller and my body stiffens in this anxious position. Haha. Well, I did it because our GPS took us off the beltway and right into downtown... on the fourth of july. Hello GPS, WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?! I actually feel really lucky because traffic wasn't bad (for DC) and eventually after navigating many turns that were blocked off for the holiday we finally made it out by the Nationals Stadium and back onto 395. Whew. It was an adventure though and thank goodness Noah knows how to deal with a stressed out me. There's nothing to test a relationship like a stressful driving situation!

Plus yesterday was probably the most useful counseling session yet. I've heard mixed reviews about marriage counseling. Some people find it very helpful, but so far I can't say I agree too much. I think there are some good questions and beliefs brought up although Noah and I have talked about all of them already. I think it has the potential to help you grow but that hopefully you've talked about most of the topics before you're getting married! If I thought it were possible I'd say it just made me even more sure that I am with the right man for me.

Reason to Smile: I'm nine days I'm marrying my best friend, I conquered DC while driving, and I have a nice cup of coffee (with my beloved creamer) beside me.

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Rhoda said...

Enjoy your big day! I bet it will be lovely! Marriage counseling is great! And AFTER you're married, don't be scared to go back to counseling. It's better to go back sooner than later (don't let your pride get in the way to not want to go back--more married couples go to counseling that I think we are really aware of--including myself!)

PS: I've given you 2 awards at my blog! Check it out if you would like to participate!

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