Duck and a New Family

30 July 2012

The Outer Banks is Noah's preferred vacation spot. His family always comes together and spends a week bonding, playing, and swimming. I love being around such a big and positive family. We have been in Duck every year that I've gone on the trip too. As husband and wife we were greeted as newly weds (and I loved every minute of it!).

Noah's family has treated me as one of their own since I was a junior in high school when I met them at the Thanksgiving dinner in 2005. I remember his grandma Hilda told me that if he ever tried to "get on top" to slap him. Hah! Now, seven years later I wear her ring on my finger and I share her last name.

We're home(ish) and living without ann address for now but I'll start catching up on the wedding, vacation, and honey moon this week while we're out apartment hunting. It's been a great month!

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