22 July 2012

Noah and I enjoyed a beautiful week on a family vacation but are now on to our official honeymoon in Charleston SC. We literally just arrived at the hotel. I'm popping this post in real quick while Noah has a shave in our hotel room. You know what's great about our hotel? 1. We're on King Street. 2. There is a Starbucks directly next to our lobby. I can't wait to get out and explore over the next couple of days. You can check me out on instagram to see some of the photos from our trip so far!

Yeah, it's a beautiful life.

Thanks for all the well wishes! I'll be back to regular posting later this week but I will sporadically be leaving pictures on occasion. XOXO.


Mimi said...

aww, i wish you and noah a wonderful time! :)

<3, Mimi

Ashley said...

That beach looks heavenly! Glad you enjoyed the family vacation and I hope you have a LOVELY honeymoon! :)

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