03 July 2012

Nothing is better than being able to get up and slowly appreciate the world before starting the day. I hope that come August I will still remember this feeling. Waking up, making a pot of coffee, and taking a peek outside to enjoy the morning breezes and sunlight are always good choices for starting the day off on the right foot as opposed to scrambling around, picking out dress clothes, and grabbing lesson plans. When we start looking at places to live for the fall I certainly think an outdoor area will be on my list. As long as it's big enough for a little table and a single chair it will be fine by me.

Reason to Smile: Sometimes it's nice to slow down and take in the moments and peace around you before the day begins.

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katealice said...

Just came across your blog through Olivia Rae's..I love the name and the concept, appreciating the beauty and lovely things in the everyday. I definitely love the feel of mornings: slow, quiet, and the world looks its most beautiful (although its kind of hard to drag myself out in the cold, we're in the middle of winter here in Australia!)

katealice x

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