Soaking It In

16 July 2012

We're relaxing at the beach after a stressful week and a joyous Saturday. I can hardly believe we got married on Saturday! Time has a weird way of distorting events that are fun for you... I'm still so happy we could see all of our family and friends in one place, together for this special day. Posting may be sporadic while we're in our honeymoon phase! Hope you're having a wonderful week and lots of fresh new starts. 


Morgan said...

love that picture :)

bethany said...

Aww...I love all the photos I've seen on FB of your day. It looks like it was exactly what you hoped it would be. :) And obviously you looked amazing!

Isn't it strange how fast the days tick by once your wedding day is over? It just flies. Sometimes my wedding feels like 2 years ago...sometimes a month. Really it's been 6...but time is so strange.

Hope your honeymoon is totally romantic and unplugged from the rest of the world! :)

Happy honeymoon, MRS LIZER!!! :)

Ariel Tyler said...

This is so darn cute!

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