Wedding Countdown: 2

12 July 2012


The present: Wedding plans are taking over my life!

On Tuesday of this week I went in for a trial run on my hair. What does every girl do after just getting her hair done? Go kayaking of course! Realistically, I needed to get outside and relax and I figured that if the hair could withstand kayaking on a lake in 90 degree heat then it could probably take standing still at an outdoor wedding. Fair enough right?

Beyond kayaking, this week we have written so many checks and talked to so many people that things are actually feeling real! The wedding is two days away and I can hardly believe I'll soon be a Mrs.! 

Today we're doing final arrangements on tables, booking hotel rooms, and scouting out gluten free cupcakes for my gluten intolerant friends as well as alpenglow for the younger guests during the toasts. 

You could definitely say I'm stressed out... but want to hear some good news? Last night Noah found out that he was offered a music job! We both have teaching jobs now, just in the knick of time before the wedding! 

Reason to Smile: Noah has a job and we're two days out from our big day!


Morgan said...

woo woo woooooo!
congrats on the job Noah!
and the upcoming wedding!!!!!

Erin {pughs' news} said...

Yay! What a relief that must be, knowing you've both got jobs for the fall. Must make writing those cheques a little less stressful!

You're getting married the day after tomorrow :) Wow!

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