Wedding Woes

09 July 2012

In the blogger world where weddings are always such a big event I often feel like I don't fit in. Now, let me preemptively say that I am more excited than you could know to be married, but not quite as excited about the wedding. I one hundred percent want to spend my life with Noah, I just don't think this one day is more than just an arbitrary day we picked on the calendar.

We're truly less than one week away now from the Event. I feel that I have more resentment about it than anything else at this point. I hope I'm not the only girl to feel this way about the "big day". I get multiple calls and texts a day asking whether I've done this or paid for that and I. am. tired. Honestly, picking colors for ribbons and linens?

It's bumming me out that everyone chatters away about how it's the best day of your life, and maybe it will be (ask me this Saturday), but no one talks enough about how much of a headache weddings are. All of your time, energy, thought processes, and especially your money starts drifting away to things you don't really care about. Of course, this is not true for every couple out there, in fact I have yet to meet a couple in my real, day-to-day life that agrees with me, but I am counting down the days til I'm married and the wedding is done with.

A couple-friend of ours got married earlier this summer and asked Noah and me if we thought it would be different once we were married. Noah and I looked at each other sort of squinty eyed and both answered "no" at the same time. Things will be changing for us soon: living on our own for the first time and starting careers, but inherently in the relationship will things change because our labels do? No.

I'm ready to be a wife, I'm ready to commit, and I'm ready to be done with questions about the wedding. There I said it. Cat's out of the bag. I'm a wedding-planner-hater.

*I'll do a post later this week about what I really am looking forward to about marriage - there's quite the list. I just needed to vent a little about weddings for today. Thanks, for waiting while I ranted.


Erin {pughs' news} said...

Good for you for saying how you honestly feel. I can't wait to read your list of things you're excited about in marriage :)

PS: I bet you are going to thoroughly love your big day.

bethany said...

Oh lord I understand this post! I felt totally the same about our wedding. While I loved coming up with little details, by the time the week rolled around...I was ready for it to be done. So sick of crafting, of worrying about everyone else. (Even now, I say "I'm so glad I'm done planning a wedding...") Because here's the thing no one really says:

Its. So. Much. Financial. Stress.

I remember sitting at my desk in tears, just crunching numbers over and over. And wondering if so and so had gotten her dress yet, or when I'd have time to get to a seamstress. Eventually I decided to just throw my hands up in the air and let the wedding chips fall where they may. One girl can only do so much, right?

You will love your day, Alli. Being with your fiance, family + friends and feeling gorgeous really has no comparison. And personally, I was more relaxed on my wedding day than any other day in the planning process. It was a nice, beautiful, memorable day.

But that's what it is. A really, really special day. No more, no less. And I think you're smart to let it remain that way. Enjoy it. Don't miss a moment, and don't fritter away a second of the next few days worrying about things no one else will notice.

Maybe it will be the best day of your life, but I think for you and Noah, you have many, many "best" days to come, too. :)

Thinking of you a ton this week! :)

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