Charleston: Day One

20 August 2012

 {Our view at 6am leaving the Outer Banks near Manteo and headed to Charleston.}

Nearly four weeks ago now (where has time gone?!) Noah and I headed from the Outer Banks to Charleston at 5:30 in the morning. We were the only car on the road and were driving through swamplands for a few hours.

When we finally did get to Charleston we checked in to our hotel and began to walk and explore the town. We walked for three hours the first day there. I had some serious blisters ya'll. (Did I just say ya'll?! What is happening around these parts?). Our hotel had a full-blown Starbucks on the first floor. And you know what? Charleston was every little bit as beautiful as I thought it would be. Considering all the moves and changes going on this summer Charleston was perfection. It was slow, you didn't need to keep up with technology... you could just travel the streets, walk the battery, and watch people go by on horse drawn carriages.

Day two was even better than day one due to a certain lifelong goal of mine (for a sneak peek check out my Aspirations list - #62). Tomorrow I'll tell you about Basil, where we ate dinner the first evening.

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Erin {pughs' news} said...

It looks so beautiful. One day I'd like to visit Charleston...

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