Sunday Aspirations

19 August 2012

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6. Visit Charleston, SC. Done and DONE and so worthwhile!

20. Learn to shuffle cards. Some serious progress has been made. It's been a while since I last updated with my 101 list, but in June we had game nights galore with our friends before leaving Harrisonburg. We learned a fantastic new card game (which I really must share here) and I got loads of practice in at shuffling.

32. Learn a new instrument. This one is more about an idea Noah and I had while at Bethany Beach a week ago. We want to have an instrument petting zoo for the kids at our home church. Noah and I will bring in our instruments, which between is practically an entire band's worth, and let them try them out. I never touched an instrument beyond a piano until I was in sixth grade. So, I may not be learning an instrument but it'd sure as heck be fun to let them try!

34. Build up a fashion style. Ok... so this one is still a work in progress. I'm going in now with the idea that if I buy it I better be able to wear it at school too (for reasons two-fold). First, I need more cute teaching clothes so money really needs to go into my professional wardrobe. Second, outside of work this gives me a more adult vibe if all my clothes are semi-professional.

62. Canoe in Cypress Gardens. Complete! Post coming soon.

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