A Support System

19 October 2012


This week, while stressful, has opened my eyes again to the wonder of a support system  in your life. My friends and family have been around to talk and listen to me this week and I think talking out my stressors has been very helpful. Never discount the value of close friends in your life.

Now I'm counting ways to say thank you to those close to me. Perhaps some fall gift baskets? After all, everyone loves a yankee candle and some tea.

Last day to enter the giveaway is today! Hop on over.

1 comment:

Erin {pughs' news} said...

So glad you have a good support system, Alli. I agree. It is so important.

A fall gift basket sounds lovely. I bet each and every one of your friends would be thrilled to receive a Yankee candle and some tea!

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