De-Stress with Purpose

05 October 2012

With the intent of being honest, fall has been incredibly stressful for me this year. I love the season, but as a first year teacher I tend to be overwhelmed by work. Grading, planning, and implementing lessons seem to be my only thoughts. I've been working on ways to deal with the stress and anxiety of this job with little success. 

However, here are techniques I'm planning on trying over the next couple of weeks. 
  1. As obvious as it is... plan ahead. Use the weekends to get ALL of the lesson plans done for the coming week.
  2. Take an hour after school each day to get outdoors, exercise, or be somewhere I want to be. 
  3. See at least one friend a week. 
  4. Set up coffee/clothes/pack my bag the night before. Do not let any planning happen in the morning. 
  5. Tell Noah three good things about my day and at least two things I'm thankful for.
  6. Find 20 minutes to read blogs each evening to relax and find inspiration. 
  7. Make copies/materials on Monday morning first thing for that week. Make it a personal goal to not copy on any day but Monday (or Friday for the following week). 
Everyone said it would be difficult. Maybe I did not understand just how difficult it would be. I've already been sick twice and my confidence is dropping. I need to learn to get ahead in the game and stay there. While I've been told it comes with time, there isn't any right now so I need a new plan and system to stay ahead. 

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Jaely Turner said...

Hey Alli!

If you ever need someone to vent to about being a first year teacher, don't hesitate to send me a message-- I'm finding myself struggling with the same things! Although I don't have a whole lot of advice, sometimes it's just nice to be able to talk to someone in the same boat. :)


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