Friday Night Lights

03 October 2012

Last Friday the hubs and I headed to our hometown to watch the homecoming game at our alma mater. It's still powerful to me, six year later, to watch the band perform there. It always feels a bit silly that watching a high school band will make me tear up but I remember those years of my life very fondly and every time I see them on the field nostalgia hits me full force. I met Noah in band after all and that has had a huge impact on the course of my life. Beyond meeting my husband there, both of my parents were very involved in my musical life. While neither pursued music as an adult (though my mom played piano and could sing rather well) they were both present at every concert and incredibly encouraging of me following my passions. 

I won't ever forget those years. You can never go back to the way things were, but you can always remember them fondly. All you can do in the present is hold those memories close and keep your eyes forward. 

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Ashley said...

I read this in bed last night and got to remembering those days of HS football games and you're right... they were so fun! It'll be weird to do things like that again when my boys get older! :)

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