J-M-U Wish You Were a Duke Dog

15 October 2012

For the first time ever I have a smart phone. Apparently all this working does allow you to have certain luxuries! I picked up an iPhone 5 on Thursday evening of last week just in time for me to head to my alma mater. Since I, tragically, forgot my camera it worked out rather well that I was able to test out the new photograph capabilities of this mini-computer in my pocket.

1 - The mountains as we drove through the Valley at dusk were stunning.
2 - Noah and I met in our hometown after a long day of work to drive to our university. We were eager to get back to our home.
3 - We ate at Festival on Friday night which was Noah's favorite eatery at JMU. After filling up on pasta and crepes we saw Duke Dog roaming the building! Of course I needed a picture with this lovable (and fierce, of course) pup.
4 - Two of our good friends let us crash at their place on Friday night. It was wonderful to catch up with them over fro-yo and watch the 5 Year Engagement. Plus they have this adorable months-old kitty.
5 - Saturday morning was spent at my favorite bagel shop and the farmer's market.
6 - Allison contacted me and freaked out "Are you in town??!!" and we met up for hugs and chats at a Tarbucks (one of those Target-Starbucks contraptions as coined by Noah).

The rest of Saturday was spent at a football game which I'll tell you about tomorrow. All in all it was a great weekend!

1 comment:

amandarae said...

Tar bucks... Clever!!!... This will now forever be in my head when I go there!

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