Taking a Break

04 October 2012

Last weekend as I was driving from my job to my hometown for our homecoming football game I passed a historical site called Harpers Ferry. I was on my way to meet Noah for dinner and nearly passed right by it but, like the time I interviewed for my current position, I had to stop and take in the beauty in the surrounding area.

It only took five minutes to park and walk down the shore by the Potomac. I believe it put a positive spin on a downer of a day though.

Sometimes taking a break from the stress and workload to just appreciate what's around you is exactly what you need. Recognize that there is beauty in this world and that you can stop and be a part of it.

Today, my reason to smile is that I have a part of my self still that is enamored with nature and the simplicity of our world when we dig down deep.

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