Aspirations 101

06 November 2012

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As ever, I am continuing to mark items off my 101 in 1001 list. I have lots of goals that I hope to achieve, both big and small. This aspirations series is meant to keep me on track!

18. Adopt an animal from the SPCA.

27. Find 100 geocaches. We marked two more off towards this goal during the past week. My brother-in-law found his first one with us as well. Only five more caches to go until I can mark this one of my list of aspirations!

68. Plan meals in advance. Noah did this one for us this week. He picked out about five meals (some linked on this blog and others he chose) to make this week. I'm pumped! Where I used to love eating out I now really enjoy getting some homemade food in me!

75. Send more mail in an old fashioned manner. I'm working at this one. Email, instagram, and texts are just so convenient that it can be difficult to sit down and write out a letter! Sheesh. I need practice. Send me your address and I'll mail a card to you too!

81. Make my own sangria. Finally! This one was pretty easy once I sat down to actually mark it off the list. We had two days off of school last week due to Hurricane Sandy and I decided it was the perfect time to whip out a fresh sangria recipe.

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