26 November 2012

My DSLR stayed in my overnight bag, forgotten, in the midst of our family affairs. So I leave you with some instagram photos from our holiday travels. 

I never realized growing up how I lived in the country. My family only had five acres of land, we had a ranch style house, and there were cows two plots over. You can't see the neighbors house from my dad's and there was one kid within walking distance of our house. This was always normal.

Now, even though I don't life in a big city, I live in town and when I come home I realize how dark and quiet it is in the woods. I can see why people from a city think the country can be scary, but really it's calming. I notice that the majority of the photos from my break center around the woods and nature. That's comfortable to me. While home we still went out and fed the fire (have you ever used a wood furnace for heat?) and took a hike around the lake.

I'm thankful that I have a family to come home to (two families even) and that there is a place I will always feel at home.


Eleanor at Mirror Of My World said...

this is lovely. the logs are beautiful!! great pictures.
lets be blog friends, im eleanor (ellie) and im posting at

come visit!
ellie xxx

Erin {pughs' news} said...

I love the photos in the woods. Looks like a lovely, relaxing way to spend your holiday weekend. Happy Thanksgiving, by the way!

We heat our house with a woodstove. It's a lot of work, but such a wonderful, warm heat.

PS: Love the new look!

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