A Healthier Me: Baby Steps

03 December 2012

It's cooling down around here. I am trying to take advantage of the last bits of semi-warmth by taking walks around the neighborhood and through our local parks. I've been thinking about a lifestyle change recently... I'm going to take at least a 15 minute walk each day when I get home. It's not a lot, but it's just a little more exercise in my day.

What are some small things you do to take steps towards a healthier life? I still feel quite stressed over my job and I'm hoping baby steps towards a healthier me will calm me down throughout the week.

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Erin {pughs' news} said...

Some colleagues and I go for a brisk walk on our lunch break. 20-30 minutes around the neighbourhood, then back to school for lunch and warming up before we head back to class. It makes a world of difference!

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