Aspirations 101

08 December 2012

It's time to hit back on my aspirations in 101 list. Since my semester began it's been a little to harder to focus on my goals besides in my career. I think it's time to take a step back and have a breather. So, here are some goals that I plan to make progress on in the near future.

9. Read two books a month. I'm aiming to read Ender's Game over winter break. Although I will fully admit that since having a job two books a month has become an impossible task. I sorely miss my reading time!

14. Visit at least three museums in Washington that I have not yet visited. Last was the Newseum and that was nearly a year ago! We live so close but when life gets busy I forget to take time to enjoy the arts.

27. Find 100 geocaches. I'm only 2 away and this could happen TODAY.

46. Do a thorough spring cleaning. Okay, so it's clearly not spring in Maryland right now, but I am slowly making my way through boxes of stuff packed up from my dad's house.

75. Send more mail in the old-fashioned manner. With all this social media I haven't written a letter for far too long.

PS - How unnerving is it to see that many geese in one location all facing the same way? Hah, birds are strange.

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