Aspirations 101

17 December 2012

9. Read two books a month. In an effort to "find myself" again, I have been out of the house more and getting back into reading. I've been so busy that I haven't had time to read. Then I realized I need to pick and choose what is a priority. I'm cutting out some tv (and even some sleep -gasp!) each night in order to make time to read. I just finished Ender's Game and am now starting The Hobbit.

12. Be on the radio. Well, I wasn't technically on the radio (come on NPR, don't you just want to interview this amazing gal?), but a podcast did take my question and air it. I'm still waiting for my brother-in-law who listens to the Tested podcast as well to hear me and call us with enthusiasm.

27. Find 100 geocaches. DONE! This one is marked off the list. I'm so excited. I've been a geocacher since 2007 and finally, finally can mark this off. I even bought myself a coin to celebrate. Am I cheesy? Yes I am! I've actually found 12 more since marking off my 100th. I'm on a streak and I find myself happier geocaching now than at any other point in my day. I also went to a caching event which I'll post about later this week.

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