31 May 2012

On Monday we went down by the Cacapon River in West Virginia and started a small fire. We had a few s'mores and bottles of Grape Crush. It was hot and sweat was dripping down my back but hearing the bubbling of the river near the fire site and watching the cows eat some hay made the heat worthwhile. There is something incredibly calming about being with a small group in a field far away from any city.

Reason to Smile: First s'more this summer!

Wedding Wednesday

30 May 2012

Noah and I have nearly checked off our wedding "To Do" list. Let me tell you, it took us longer than I would have liked.

What I love though?

We have the best minister I could have asked for.
Our cake will have traditional chocolate, vanilla, and banana cream pie... oh wait.
My bridesmaids are the perfect gals.
We have picked out our wedding rings and I'm smitten.
The invites are out and in the mail and we're getting RSVPs every day.
I'm going to marry my best friend.


29 May 2012

We were very fortunate to get outside so much this Memorial Day weekend. One of my favorite times to get outside is at Noah's family lake house. I think in my ideal world I would always live beside a body of water whether it's a lake, river, or ocean. I feel good around water.

I think growing up around water with a pool, trips to the beach, and having swim lessons every summer  created a hydrophilic adult. Hah, science terms come out: hydrophilic, aka water-loving.

Do you love the water? Or the breezes that roll off from a nearby lake?

A Little Bit Country

28 May 2012

Noah and I are enjoying time with family and friends this weekend. There have been picnics, puppies, canoes, and rivers filling up our days. Sometimes summer seems to be the perfect cure for everything! 

In Two Months Time

25 May 2012

In the shower this morning while I was waking myself up and rubbing the sleep out of my eyes I started thinking about our upcoming wedding and where we would be two months from now.  You know what? We'll be married and in Charleston, South Carolina in two months! That's so incredibly close. 

Have you ever been to Charleston? If so, are there any "must see" places that you would recommend?

Walk in an Arboretum

24 May 2012

A great way to get yourself smiling is to go a nearby university or state arboretum. Nothing says summer like green, green everywhere! Take a picnic or take your significant other out while on a drive without them knowing. It doesn't have to be a long trip but it will certainly put a smile on your face. Be sure to take in all the different plants and wildlife! 


23 May 2012

Yesterday was my 23rd birthday! I had such a great time out with friends in the evening enjoying my favorite Mexican food followed by some ice cream. We had a fantastic waiter at our restaurant who made sure to have lots of fun with us. Noah bought me flowers, which I woke up to, and also Midnight in Paris. It was a wonderful birthday and I'm looking forward to celebrating just a little bit more this weekend! Hope you're having a wonderful Wednesday!

Reasons to Smile: Sun Bathing and Reading

22 May 2012

Hello Instagram photos! After graduation we had two weeks of cloudy and rainy weather. It was such a downer for the first few weeks of summer! Then, suddenly, glorious sunbeams came out past the clouds about five days ago. My roommates and I have gone on runs, eaten outside, laid out by a friend's pool, and Noah and I have laid out reading on his Ninja Turtle Blanket from when he was a little kid. 

Of course, these things never last and today is overcast again (on a different note, sixth graders do not know the term "overcast"... I had to teach that vocabulary word...anyways....). It was wonderful outdoors with the warm sunlight. 

I'm plowing through books and am currently reading The Paris Wife. I'll be sure to do a review when I finish for you. Right now it's exactly what I need to be reading: a little romance, travel, and light-heartedness packed into a novel. Laying outside, reading, in a state of just-under-the-surface sleepiness has been perfection for me. Just the right amount of relaxation with inspiration. 

If you have some sun take a little time to get outside and relax. Make a reason to smile. If you have your own yard why not take out a glass of wine or lemonade, you know, your preference? 

My Inspiration

21 May 2012

As a soon-to-be first year teacher I have a lot of thoughts, questions, and ideas going into this field about my philosophy of education, my goals as a teacher, and what inspires me. When I think about relationships with my students I think about a teacher who has had a tremendous impact on my own life...

Her name is Mrs. Barker. To be fair, I never did have her as a teacher in K12... but Noah did. You may know that Noah is actually a year behind me in school. When I went off to college he was a senior in high school and took a class called AP Chemistry. This was my first connection with Mrs. Barker.

Noah became an officer in the science club that year, which Mrs. Barker sponsored for the school. At the end of the year they took a trip to the National Zoo and Mrs. Barker let me come along with them even though I wasn't a student of the school. She had found out that my mom had passed away in the past month and I think she knew I wanted time to be out and be around friends.

Then during my sophomore year of college I took chemistry. It was kicking my butt. I love science and now I'm pretty good at it but it's because she let me facebook her with problems and would help me through them step-by-step until I understood the patterns and could do the problems on my own. Again, I never even had her in high school, but she took time out to help me.

The next year I had assignments in my education classes that involved interviewing teachers. I chose her and we talked about behavior management and classroom set ups/systems.

Now, after four years of college and one of graduate school I'm running to her with problems and am again seeking advice. This young woman, who she never had as a student, is asking for advice and what does she do? Gives the advice, talks to the science coordinator, and looks up ways to add on endorsements.

I can hardly believe the drive she has to work with students and people in her community and her need to help others.

She is my inspiration. That's the teacher I will be.

Summer Dreams

18 May 2012

As I said yesterday, the sun has finally shown it's lovely face around here and I feel like my mood has changed with the weather. I feel hopeful and inspired and ready to make accomplishments. 

My ideal summer would consist of picnics, reading by the poolside, strolling along boardwalks, taking photos of a new city while riding in a horse-drawn carriage, and walking a pup through a park in my new neighborhood (you know, when we move for jobs in two months). 

And you know what? Things are shaping up pretty well. Ciao! 


17 May 2012

This summer has been running smoothly so far, with perhaps the exception of the job search and wedding plans which are causing me undue stress.

Today I went out with my roommates and Noah's brother for a walk/run in the park. It's a nearly perfect day and if I could preserve the sunshine and temperatures for all my days in the future I'd be a happy gal. We've been stuck with cloudy, grey, and rainy days here recently (as in from Noah's graduation on through yesterday). We finally have sunshine!

After getting back from our jog we made veggie burgers and sat outside on the picnic table drinking pink lemonade. It just feels perfect. All I need now is an afternoon by the poolside!

The Wife of a Star

16 May 2012


Last night Noah conducted for the first time in front of an audience. I imagine this is the life of a woman married to someone famous. Your beau goes up on stage and people cheer or, you know, politely applaud. Then he rocks out... or waves a baton around in front of a group of kids. Same thing right? It felt like the same thing. I am so proud of Noah for following his passions and staying in music when people told him that wouldn't be an easy path. He is great at what he does and the way his kids talk and interact with him is magical. Even being a teacher-in-training myself, I love seeing the way kids connect with him.

I'm pretty lucky. I may not be the wife of a star, but one day I'll sure as heck be the wife of a conductor!

** hehe, is that the first time I've typed out the word "wife"? Just two months to go!

Aspirations 101

13 May 2012

Wow has it been a bit since I kept up with my goals for 101 in 1001. I'm going through my list. I feel slightly embarrassed elated to tell you that this is the first summer since K12 education that I haven't been working or taking classes. It opens up a world of possibilities alongside a world of being incredibly poor. I justify it by saying I will start my career in August and that this is the last chance I get to accomplish my goals (in lieu of backpacking Europe the way some people are so fortunate to do!).

{#59 - Get a Masters Degree}

Well, time to catch up!

16. Eat at least one new food (or at one new place) each week. This past week Noah and I visited Fredericksburg and ate at Sammy T's. That was a new place for us and we had delicious food.

36. Ask 10 friends what their favorite books are and read them. Well, I am still waiting for a few responses but I have ALL summer and my Kindle. Time to catch up with this goal and mark it off my list!

59. Get a Masters Degree. COMPLETE.

85. See my sister at least once a month. So far we're hitting about every other month because student teaching and graduate classes respectively have kept us more than busy. This summer I'm sure I'll hit Williamsburg up again and she'll be up for our wedding in July certainly.

Fredericksburg II

11 May 2012

You may remember that I recently traveled to Fredericksburg on my own for a high school earth science position. This is where my job offer stemmed from. On Tuesday Noah and I both went out since he had interviews for band positions in the area as well. We have been very lucky getting to spend so much time together. We make a great team exploring a new place together which bodes well considering we could be in Stafford County in a matter of months. Who knows!

Sammy T's for Lunch

10 May 2012

Noah and I traveled to Fredericksburg and ate out for lunch at Sammy T's. I don't know if I've been to a restaurant before that had so many vegetarian and vegan options! That was definitely a joy. The building was built in 1805 and has gone through several changes of hands but has maintained it's old-fashioned charm through the centuries. 

Noah had the Blade Runner which was a mix of sauteed vegetables on focaccia bread while I got the Apple Cheddar Melt which was open-faced, toasted bread topped with apple slices, a spicy mustard, and cheddar cheese. 

I love trying local joints in new cities that we visit. This was definitely a win

Summer Cookout

09 May 2012

On Monday night I stayed outside with a group of friends hosting what may be our last cookout. Our friend Mel is the best at grilling veggie burgers and everyone brought some things to share (our contribution was tater tots and cheese slices for the burgers). It's wonderful to relax at the end of the day with a group of people that always makes you laugh. 

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