Friday Morning Musings

24 August 2012

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This week has been simultaneously ever-lasting and the fastest week of my life. Students are coming to me on Monday ready to learn and be part of the classroom community at CMS. Today is the last of the work (hah!) before they arrive and I'm frantically planning labs, checking my syllabus, and buying classroom materials.

I'm excited and so, so nervous, but Monday is coming. I know there are quite a few teachers out there in blog land and I hope you have a first great week (or if you've already started that you're forming great relationships with your students RIGHT NOW).

Here's to great intentions for next week! Cheers.

Cypress Gardens

22 August 2012

On the second day of our honeymoon one of my long-term goals was completed. Noah and I went canoeing in Cypress Gardens! Full disclosure, when I say "we" canoed I really mean Noah paddled and I took pictures. Thanks Honey! 

Truly, this site makes the top five list of natural beauties I've seen in my lifetime. You may recognize some of the photos as similar to The Notebook scene with Noah and Allie. 

I was smiling ear-to-ear that morning. We were the only group on the lake (or swamp) that morning and the water was so serene and unreal. The trees are eerily anchored and reflect a beautiful silver color back off of the water. I still can't believe that at 23 one of my long-term goals is now complete! Plus it was romantic to boot. 

If you ever get a chance to go to Charleston, please, please do yourself the favor and go to Cypress Gardens. The trip is worth your while! 

Charleston: Basil

21 August 2012

Basil was our restaurant of choice on Sunday night. It was a local thai restaurant so of course it was Noah's first choice. He had the pad thai and I had yellow curry with vegetables (my favorite!). We enjoyed our time there and were impressed with the service on a whole. It located right on King Street just about two blocks up from our hotel.

Charleston: Day One

20 August 2012

 {Our view at 6am leaving the Outer Banks near Manteo and headed to Charleston.}

Nearly four weeks ago now (where has time gone?!) Noah and I headed from the Outer Banks to Charleston at 5:30 in the morning. We were the only car on the road and were driving through swamplands for a few hours.

When we finally did get to Charleston we checked in to our hotel and began to walk and explore the town. We walked for three hours the first day there. I had some serious blisters ya'll. (Did I just say ya'll?! What is happening around these parts?). Our hotel had a full-blown Starbucks on the first floor. And you know what? Charleston was every little bit as beautiful as I thought it would be. Considering all the moves and changes going on this summer Charleston was perfection. It was slow, you didn't need to keep up with technology... you could just travel the streets, walk the battery, and watch people go by on horse drawn carriages.

Day two was even better than day one due to a certain lifelong goal of mine (for a sneak peek check out my Aspirations list - #62). Tomorrow I'll tell you about Basil, where we ate dinner the first evening.

Sunday Aspirations

19 August 2012

To see the full list of goals, check out my aspirations page on the right sidebar.

6. Visit Charleston, SC. Done and DONE and so worthwhile!

20. Learn to shuffle cards. Some serious progress has been made. It's been a while since I last updated with my 101 list, but in June we had game nights galore with our friends before leaving Harrisonburg. We learned a fantastic new card game (which I really must share here) and I got loads of practice in at shuffling.

32. Learn a new instrument. This one is more about an idea Noah and I had while at Bethany Beach a week ago. We want to have an instrument petting zoo for the kids at our home church. Noah and I will bring in our instruments, which between is practically an entire band's worth, and let them try them out. I never touched an instrument beyond a piano until I was in sixth grade. So, I may not be learning an instrument but it'd sure as heck be fun to let them try!

34. Build up a fashion style. Ok... so this one is still a work in progress. I'm going in now with the idea that if I buy it I better be able to wear it at school too (for reasons two-fold). First, I need more cute teaching clothes so money really needs to go into my professional wardrobe. Second, outside of work this gives me a more adult vibe if all my clothes are semi-professional.

62. Canoe in Cypress Gardens. Complete! Post coming soon.

Time is Escaping

16 August 2012

Wowza! Time has been trickling gushing away. This little blog has been temporarily set to the side as my life has been taken up by big advances in the real world. I have many more wedding photos I'd like to share with you as well as photos from Charleston, our second beach trip, my classroom, and some photos around my new town! 

We just had internet installed (I mean 30 minutes ago guys!) and we now have wifi. Still no tv. And you know what? It doesn't even matter! We've been gone for days on end. While there are now 40 minute commutes for each of us they seem like nothing compared to the oodles and oodles of hours we've been driving this summer! Take that school. 

Plus I'm getting all my lesson plans prepped. The first day of school is just a week away! Noah's starts on Monday. Eeek! 

I promise to set up some posts about our honeymoon for next week. After that... who knows? I will certainly try to keep this lil baby updated but life has been a whirlwind lately. And I'm loving it!

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