26 November 2012

My DSLR stayed in my overnight bag, forgotten, in the midst of our family affairs. So I leave you with some instagram photos from our holiday travels. 

I never realized growing up how I lived in the country. My family only had five acres of land, we had a ranch style house, and there were cows two plots over. You can't see the neighbors house from my dad's and there was one kid within walking distance of our house. This was always normal.

Now, even though I don't life in a big city, I live in town and when I come home I realize how dark and quiet it is in the woods. I can see why people from a city think the country can be scary, but really it's calming. I notice that the majority of the photos from my break center around the woods and nature. That's comfortable to me. While home we still went out and fed the fire (have you ever used a wood furnace for heat?) and took a hike around the lake.

I'm thankful that I have a family to come home to (two families even) and that there is a place I will always feel at home.


22 November 2012

We've already had one evening with family and are spending the day with my mother-in-law. It's such a wonderful feeling to have a few days off and spend time with people who really matter to us. Today we're enjoying a morning with geocaching and cooking and an afternoon with malt cider, mashed potatoes, sweet potato casserole, oh, and you know, family.

It's looking to be a great day and I have so many things to be thankful for!

I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with good food, family, and friends as well. Happy holidays.

A New View

21 November 2012

Kristen of Designer Blogs set up the new look here at Reasons to Smile. I was in dire need of a fresh look and this simple, feminine design popped up I knew I found the look for me.

Do you find that when you have a fresh space that your mojo comes back a bit? New ideas and inspirations seem to be popping into my head just by looking at the screen.

Hope you are already for a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend!

Thanksgiving Countdown: 01

What I'm thankful for:
  1. Sleeping in. Being able to sleep in on a Wednesday is such a huge blessing!
  2. Socks. Yes, the little things really do add up. I finally have socks that fit with my flats. Talk about comfy and cute. 
  3. A steady income. Alright, the little things are great, but the big ones sure do make life a lot easier.
  4. Family. We are seeing family over the next three days, some we haven't seen since our wedding. I'm really looking forward to catching up!
  5. Coffee. Yep, peppermint mochas, vanilla creamer, and a little extra energy in the mornings.

Thanksgiving Countdown: 02

20 November 2012

Things I'm thankful for:

  1. It's the last day of school before break. Words cannot express my joy of having a few days off!
  2. Having kids get in their missing work so they can go to their spirit day.
  3. Starbucks in the morning
  4. A great coworker... our long term sub is on her last day today. Tears everywhere.
  5. Butter. Yep, a Thanksgiving staple.

Thanksgiving Countdown: 03

19 November 2012

What I'm thankful for:
  1. Just two days of school until Thanksgiving Break!
  2. New boots
  3. Socks. It's chilly. I'm just saying. 
  4. Every bright color I see. They just make my day! 
  5. Technology. I love being able to talk with family from far away.

Thanksgiving Countdown: 04

18 November 2012

What I'm thankful for:
  1. Coffee
  2. Sleeping in on the weekends
  3. Great dates
  4. Brunch with family
  5. Finding my inner mojo again
What I'm making for Thanksgiving (Round 2):

What I'm Loving:
The "I'm Late" dress for Thanksgiving Dinner

*A reminder that I'm switching over to the domain later today!

Thanksgiving Countdown: 05

17 November 2012

What I'm thankful for:
1. My husband
2. Our kitty
3. Having a stable job
4. Lots of delicious food
5. Getting time off of work to enjoy family.

What I'm making for Thanksgiving (round 1):
Sweet Potato Casserole


I've given a heads up before, but I'm going to be switching domains soon. You'll be able to find me at once the switch is made. I'm hoping it will be this weekend!

Reasons to Smile

16 November 2012

{instagram @allilizer}

There's a lot to be thankful for recently and as we're in that special month of thanks I want to list out a few of my reasons to smile!

  • We love our new kitty Artemis
  • Everyone's excited about the Christmas cups, but I love the peppermint brownie cake pop 
  • There are two days of a weekend ahead of me, followed by two days of school, and then it's Thanksgiving Break ya'll! 
  • I get to see my sister for the first time next week since I got married. I'm sooooo excited! 
  • My husband and I are going to see our families all throughout the next week
  • Our little fam has a whole set of smart phones... we love them. 
  • Noah has cooked me two dinners this week. How lucky am I?!
  • The Glee episodes lately have been tear jerkers and I'm still a huge Klaine fan. 
  • I've been having a pretty fun time in science class using electricity, magnets, and batteries. 
What has been making you smile this week? Share with me! 

Aspirations 101

06 November 2012

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As ever, I am continuing to mark items off my 101 in 1001 list. I have lots of goals that I hope to achieve, both big and small. This aspirations series is meant to keep me on track!

18. Adopt an animal from the SPCA.

27. Find 100 geocaches. We marked two more off towards this goal during the past week. My brother-in-law found his first one with us as well. Only five more caches to go until I can mark this one of my list of aspirations!

68. Plan meals in advance. Noah did this one for us this week. He picked out about five meals (some linked on this blog and others he chose) to make this week. I'm pumped! Where I used to love eating out I now really enjoy getting some homemade food in me!

75. Send more mail in an old fashioned manner. I'm working at this one. Email, instagram, and texts are just so convenient that it can be difficult to sit down and write out a letter! Sheesh. I need practice. Send me your address and I'll mail a card to you too!

81. Make my own sangria. Finally! This one was pretty easy once I sat down to actually mark it off the list. We had two days off of school last week due to Hurricane Sandy and I decided it was the perfect time to whip out a fresh sangria recipe.


05 November 2012

While it was a two day weekend for me technically, today is a teacher work day and we're off for election day tomorrow! Here's a few photos from the weekend. Looking forward to a great, productive work day and a friendate with Katie after school!

A New Addition

03 November 2012

Welcome to the family little Artemis! 

Noah and I went in a week ago to our local SPCA and took about an hour picking up and playing with different kitties. We found our little darling and told the workers that we found our girl and we signed some paper work. We had to wait almost a full week to pick her up because she needed to get spayed and have her vaccinations. 

Luckily we were able to pick her up on Thursday night. She has proven to be the biggest cuddle bug I've ever met. For this month of Thanksgiving I certainly know something I'm thankful for!
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