Local Loves: Union Jack Pub

04 January 2013

Union Jack Pub has been a restaurant in downtown Winchester for a few year now, right on the Loudoun Walking Mall. It's theme, as you could probably guess, is serving British food. The atmosphere is quite nice as you walk in even with limited seating.

Our group started with the spinach artichoke and quesadilla chips as an appetizer which could possibly rank on my top 10 list of appetizers that I've ever eaten. The quesadilla chips were spectacular.

However, as a vegetarian, I had a much more difficult time with my entree. I understand that they are pretty meat-centric in most restaurants and I was happy to see that there were three or four options to choose from. However, they were out of the black bean burger at the restaurant, which had been my original choice so I instead ordered the curry dish. I was underwhelmed. It was a little too saucy and the flavor was a tad off to me.

My sister's salad was good as was her fiance's order of fish and chips. My dad had a pork dipping sandwich and between the two he said the sandwich was quite good and the sauce was right on par with most others.

All in all, we will be trying out the Pub again but I'll check that they have the black bean burger in advance this time. 4/5 Stars

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