Rainbow Cupcakes

29 January 2013

#65 on my 101 in 1001 list is to make Rainbow Cupcakes. I can mark this one off my list after a baking session Sunday afternoon. I also owe my husband a big shout out for running to get eggs for me after I already started mixing my ingredients. Thanks Noah!

I know lots of bloggers made these about 2 years ago but I never did try them. They're very easy and a lot of fun! Just be prepared to use quite a number of bowls to mix your colors.

Take a white or yellow cake mix. Mix all of your ingredients together. All you have to do to make the rainbow patterns is split your batter into a few bowls then add the food coloring. One bowl for red, one for blue, etc. Then spoon different colors into your cupcake holders. It's that easy! Plus having a few fun sprinkles for on top is an added bonus.

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