Reasons to Smile

25 January 2013

I'm really hoping this week represents a change in me. The end of my semester at school was last Friday and on Thursday I started with a whole new group of eighth graders. Now, looking back at the week I'm counting my blessings and I hope to move forward with positivity and preparation at the forefront of my mind. Without further ado, here are my reasons to smile today.
  • three day weekends
  • teacher work days
  • coffee in the morning
  • band directors (did I tell you?!)
  • support from colleagues
  • sunshine
  • friends
  • my Kindle
  • fresh beginnings

1 comment:

lauren claire | rebuild (health + home) said...

What a lovely way to focus on gratitude! This is the first time I've been able to find your blog since your name on comments leads to Google Plus and I had no idea how that whole thing worked or where to find your blog from there. Turns out, it's not so complicated :)

Anyways, just a little note to let you know I'm reading and am about to reply to your comment over on rebuild.


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