What I'm Loving: Chemex Coffee

08 January 2013

For Christmas I bought Noah the Chemex coffee maker and the Kone filter that he has been pining after for a while now. 

As someone who's not a coffee expert I was skeptical. I mean, with the two together that's $100 for a coffee maker! The reason we didn't put the Keurig on our wedding registry is because of the cost.

Yet I was proven wrong. I am amazed that I can tell the difference between coffee through our brewer and through the Chemex. The coffee pictured here is much smoother than the regular grind. With no paper filter taking out the extra oils it seems to lack that harsh feel on the back of your throat. It's also less bitter. All in all I'm converted, I'm a huge fan.

Now if I can just commit to starting the water boiling before I get in the shower so I have time to make this coffee before work...

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