DC Air and Space

05 February 2013

On Saturday we visited the Air and Space Museum after strolling through the Hirshorn. The air and space is definitely more up my alley as it's filled with tons of science and hands on exhibits. I'd love to take my students there. I loved the "Explore the Universe" section and glancing quickly through the Apollo mission room. We watched a 3D video about space junk and looked at spacecraft and models of the eight planets. It was the highlight of the trip for me although we were all getting tired after walking around two museums. 

Have you been to DC? What was your favorite part of your trip?

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Ashley said...

I've been to the Air & Space museum but didn't enjoy it. I did however LOVE the Museum of Natural Science/History! And I was 12, so there's that too. I'm jealous you guys are so close to visiting DC-- it's such a neat place!

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