Taking Baby Steps

06 March 2013

Remember those motivations I listed in February? Well I took my first steps towards my the first goal on my mini-list. 

I now have a membership at the local YMCA.

I went for a run this past weekend and have since been recovering from the shin splints and soreness. I am proud though! I did a mile in 12 minutes which I feel is a great thing after not running for over half a year. Then I walked/ran a second mile. 

My goal the next month is to do cardio at least three times a week and to get in one swim session and one yoga session each week. That sounds overwhelming to me right now but I really want to make a healthy change. What is your fitness routine? What are you proud of yourself for this week?

Reason to Smile: I'm making progress. Taking time to reflect on mental, emotional, and physical health has become a priority of mine and I'm staying focused!

1 comment:

Ashley said...

GOOD for you, girl! I try to work out 5 days a week too - at least 30 minutes of walking, but I like to jog 10-15 minutes a few days too, BUT it's been sooo long for me! You're inspiring me to get back on the treadmill!

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