The Three Ps

09 April 2013

I am turning my life around currently and couldn't be happier about it. Want to know my secret?


1. Be Positive.
In everything that you do, find the best aspect of it. Don't complain, make a mental list or journal each day about five positive things that happened to you that day.

2. Be Proactive.
If you don't feel happy, go change your life! Is your environment a negative, stressful place? Do you feel like you never see enough of your friends? Take the steps you need to make a change. Start off with a small, step-by-step list of goals to orient yourself. What do you want to achieve?

3. Be Passionate.
Find something you care about, something that you think would make you a better person if you could do it/take part in it and pursue that goal. What fills you with a pride or joy? Take part in that realm of your life as often as possible! If you don't think you're passionate about anything, try a few new hobbies until you find something that makes you smile like you wouldn't believe!

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